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Are you ready to jump into investing in one of the most exciting asset classes of our generation?

Find Outstanding Returns

Are you looking for exceptional returns beyond your average index fund or dividend stock? Maybe it's time to look at and actually understand SaaS.

Invest in Disruption

If you are an investor, then you have probably heard of creative destruction. If not, it is essentially this:

New technologies and developments necessarily replace old technologies and make them redundant.

Creative destruction means that there is opportunity any time a new disruptive technology changes how value is delivered to customers.

We are in the midst of a software revolution and if you do not want to miss out, then it behooves you to at least think about how to invest in these innovative software companies that are changing the way the world works.

If you want stellar overall returns on a diversified portfolio then you should consider investing in public SaaS companies.

Below are my SaaS portfolio returns over the past few years. They handily beat the overall market.

2018: 58%
2019: 48%
2020: 128%
2021: 21% so far as of Feb 13th

Find Multibaggers With Ease

Learn how I’ve found a number of great companies with solid results over the years.

Shopify: 1500%+
Twilio: 1300%+
Appfolio: 500%+
Atlassian: 400%+
Zoom: 400%+

What You Get

In this book I’ll break down:

1. Why you might want to invest in companies

2. How SaaS Companies managed from the perspective of a seasoned SaaS Startup Executive

3. How to find intriguing SaaS Investment opportunities

4. How to evaluate SaaS companies fundamentally

5. How to enter and exit technically and tactically

If you’re confused about how a company with negative earnings, non-existent P/E ratios, and an Enterprise Value to Sales ratio of 55x is appreciating at 100% a year, then this book will help you understand it.

Just released in February 2021 with over 100 copies sold already.

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